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By: zuki

Hey, If you guys could sing any song what would it be.?

I think I make a good superhero~

Ah I promised twice now i’d keep this updated for you guys and I failed twice.

I feel a little silly but I guess when your moving around for concerts and stuff you forget what a computer is. Silly right?

I’ll do better I promisexx

amoonlitsonata sent: KANONNN!!! Im a huge huge fan ill always support you!! <3

Hey there~

I’m always so happy to meet a fan! Thank you! I hope I continue to give you reason to support me!


Sometimes all a girl needs is a pretty ball gown to make her feel pretty~ &lt;3

Well hi there~

Hey guys~ Did you hear? not only Is The World God Only Knows season three coming this summer but I’m getting a special where it looks like I get to be a magical girl! It sounds like such fun!

I’m so sorry I feel bad for not updating my blog. Can you tell I’m not used to one?

Anyway I’ve been really busy with nothing but dance classes to hopefully my next concert will be step step perfect~

awww this is so adorable!
I love the bow on the front and all the stars